Some utilities to work with driver's data structure. Links for development: Firefox command line flags: /Applications/ --help Chrome binary path: /Applications/Google Chrome Chrome CLI args: Chrome capabilities: Firefox capabilities: Firefox profiles: Safari endpoints Edge capabilities and endpoints JSON Wire protocol (obsolete) Selenium Python source code for Firefox
Public Variable Short Description
append-args (clj)
dispatch-driver (clj)
get-args (clj)
is-headless? (clj)
options-name (clj)
prepend-args (clj)
proxy->w3c (clj)
set-args (clj)
set-binary (clj)
set-browser-log-level (clj) Sets browser logging level.
set-capabilities (clj)
set-download-dir (clj)
set-driver-log-level (clj)
set-headless (clj)
set-load-strategy (clj)
set-options-args (clj) Adds command line arguments for a browser binary (not a driver).
set-path (clj) Sets path to the driver's binary file.
set-perf-logging (clj) categories example: [:browser :devtools :devtools.timeline].
set-port (clj) Updates driver's map with the given port added to the args.
set-prefs (clj)
set-profile (clj)
set-proxy (clj)
set-url (clj) Sets the default URL that the browser should open by default.
set-user-agent (clj) Set User-Agent header for the driver.
set-window-size (clj) Adds browser's command line arguments for setting initial window size.